Call for papers – Summer 2012

Popmodernism and Cultural Recycling

The category of “the new” has been of great importance within the larger history of modernism. At the same time, investigating “the new” often leads to references to historical sources, they be of more recent history or older material: James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922) references Homer’s Odyssey, as does the Coen-brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), Anton Webern Fuga (Ricercata) a 6 voci (1934-35) is an arrangement of J. S. Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer (originating in 1747), Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill (2003-4) references – or pays homage to – a vast amount of earlier films, and other examples are legion.

Referencing earlier works have been discussed throughout the humanities using diverse vocabularies: parody, pastiche, intertextuality, et cetera. The “Popmodernism” study circle proposed in its project description the term “cultural recycling” to deal with these diverse practices, and in the summer seminar we want to focus on these forms of recycling in its broadest possible form. Diverse cultural practices – adaptations, remakes, cover-versions, remixing – they might all be seen to have in common interrelations between the old and the new, transformations of the old to something new and/or different, or, in general, references outside the concrete results. How do we theorize these relations? One possibility is to focus upon mediality, since cultural recycling might be said to depend on the specificities of the medium at hand. Another might be to argue for a transmedial practice, that is to say, that the recycling exists between the different media at stake. Remediation might be both within the same medium and across media, thus opening up even more for discussions demanding multiple perspectives.

The seminar will focus upon “cultural recycling” in all kinds of different versions, and we invite papers dealing with the above topics as well as other similar ones. Papers including concrete case studies, where the theoretical discourse is related to concrete forms of recycling, will be much appreciated.

In addition, the seminar also welcomes papers dealing with over-all discussions of what “popmodernism” can be said to mean (cf. the project description).

Send abstract – 300 words – to the coordinators by 01.05.2012.

The summer seminar takes place at Brandbjerg, Denmark, July 27 to August 3. For participation in the summer seminar it is mandatory that you also register for the Nordic Summer University’s Summer-session. Go to the NSU homepage for information and registration.

Literature (for inspiration):

Bolter, Jay David & Richard Grusin (2000): Remediation: Understanding New Media. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press

Bourriau, Nicolas (2002): Postproduction. New York: Lukas & Sternberg

Hutcheon, Linda (2006): A Theory of Adaptation. New York: Routledge


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