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Call for papers – Summer 2014

Answering the question: what is popmodernism? Call for papers – summer 2014 In 1982, three years after The Postmodern Condition, Jean-François Lyotard wrote a short text entitled: “Answering the Question: What Is Postmodernism?” The main objective seems to be a discussion along the lines of “modernism” versus “postmodernism,” but then, somewhat surprisingly, he writes: “A … Continue reading

Call for papers – Winter 2014

Pop culture in the age of its technological reproducibility What are the historical changes throughout modernity when it comes to technology? And how do they influence the relation between what used to be known as “pop” and “art”? In this seminar we want to delve into changes brought about by technological developments and how technological … Continue reading

call for papers – summer 2013

Cars, Crashes, and Culture One key interest for the Popmodernism study circle is to find material that can broaden our perspectives. As one part of the summer-session we want to focus on some works (“artworks,” expressions of “popular culture”) that can be approached from the framework so far established in the study-circle’s workings, works that … Continue reading

Call for papers – Winter 2013

Bodies and Mediality Within the theoretical discourses of the last decade “the body” is much discussed. At the same time we can see that huge parts of the twentieth century artistic production worked hard not to think the body: twelve-tone music, diverse literary practices, movements towards abstraction in the visual arts, all these were understood … Continue reading

Call for papers – Summer 2012

Popmodernism and Cultural Recycling The category of “the new” has been of great importance within the larger history of modernism. At the same time, investigating “the new” often leads to references to historical sources, they be of more recent history or older material: James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922) references Homer’s Odyssey, as does the Coen-brothers’ O … Continue reading

Popmodernism on Facebook

We are trying to get Popmodernism into a continuous discussion, and have thus established a group on Facebook. Please join, and participate in sharing ideas about what Popmodernism could be. The group is found here.

Call for papers – Popmodernism

In Dialectic of Enlightenment Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer describe a modernism where the avant-garde and the “entertainment industry” simultaneously are two very different entities and each other’s counterparts. Still, the thinking of a “great divide” between modernism and mass culture had a long life, and while Andreas Huyssen in 1986 published his After the … Continue reading

First post of the popmodernism blog!

This is first post of the new blog of the Nordic Summer University Postmodernism study circle. In here we want to share call for papers as well as other types of relevant information. Enjoy!